Infinite Health

Utah: Where healthy living starts with a way of thinking.

As the founders of the very first nutrition supplement brand, Kal and Thompson, we’ve paved the way for a way of life. Since the very beginning, we’ve understood the importance of establishing our roots in an area of the country that embraces whole-body health—Utah. Our determination to control every aspect of production has inspired a unique process that ensures the utmost quality and value.

While our collection of brands has grown since 1932, what hasn’t changed is our commitment to you and your health. Every generation can find the products they need to live a life in exceptional health right here at Nutraceutical.

The process

Our name is synonymous with quality.

We’re proud to own the entire development process for all of our products. From sourcing to distribution, we welcome this responsibility because high quality products are what lead to wellbeing.


The founders

Ingenuity is our main ingredient.

Our products are born out of passionate ideas. The people behind our brands, the founders, are the ones who have and will continue inventing incredible ways to make the world a healthier place.


Complete wellness

We’re looking at the whole picture of human health.

Nutraceutical believes we deliver the only complete wellness solution because we’re looking at the whole picture of human health. From Vitamin-A to Zinc Oxide, we’ve curated a portfolio of brands that are each expert and serve a particular purpose.