Our Science

Our brands are a product of our relentless research and analysis.

We base our decision-making on science. Our testing methodologies run the gamut from assessing ingredient potency to detecting unwanted compounds.

Regardless of the answers we seek, our goal is to create products that are safe, effective and help people live life in their best health.


First, we test and learn.

Inside our state-of-the-art laboratory, we employ Ph.D. level scientists and engineers who work day in and day out to research and ensure our products are both safe and contain the right mix of ingredients to be effective. The latest equipment and technology drive our testing facility, leaving no room for debate when it comes to our formulas and how well they work for those in pursuit of health and wellness.



Advancing wellness one brand at a time.

Our continued dedication to pioneering an industry means we’re constantly spearheading new formulas to support wellbeing. Our legacy brands have advanced health and wellness in several key areas, including gut health, nutritional supplementation and immune support. New formulas are always in development to address the changing needs of humanity.



Efficacy is in the details.

From sampling raw materials in a highly-controlled environment to identity testing and contaminant screening, our due diligence is why our products continually live up to our superior standards. Upon completion, finished products are further tested for quality and stability throughout their shelf-stable period.