Our Quality

We insist on the highest quality because health and wellness are at stake.

Bringing a product from idea to completion is one thing. Ensuring excellence every step of the way is quite another.

From sourcing exceptional raw materials and sampling for purity to our rigorous manufacturing process, there’s no question each and every one of our brands is formulated to live up to the industry standard we work hard to continually set.


Superior from the start.

Our ability to source ingredients from the world’s best farmers means our raw materials are grown in their native climates and harvested during peak season. Establishing these relationships around the world translates to unprecedented access to quality ingredients that earn the Nutraceutical seal of approval.



Purity is a fact and a promise.

We analyze and aren’t afraid to reject raw materials that don’t meet our standard of quality. Our reputation for this kind of scrutiny has raised the bar on purity throughout the entire health and wellness industry. Admittedly, the hardest test we have to pass is our own. Internal testing gives us confidence that our products will live up to the Nutraceutical name.



Health and wellness in the making.

The complexity of production demands our full attention from start to finish. The process of blending various ingredients and ensuring they deliver their intended benefit requires continued testing at every stage of manufacturing. Once products pass inspection, labels are then verified so a have insight into every ingredient.