Our Science

Nutraceutical has written and will continue to write history.

Born out of the necessity to bring health and wellness into focus, our company began. No one before us had ever put this much thought and intention into the curation of supplements and personal care products. Through acquisition and creation, our products reflect our ongoing commitment to being the world’s most trusted resource for health and wellness.


Making our mark.

Establishing our benchmark for exceptional quality has always been our number one priority. In 1993, we ventured into the health and wellness space with incredible brands in tow, including KAL® and Thompson®—the first nutritional supplement brands launched in the U.S.—along with the pioneering brand Solaray. Since then, we’ve built a comprehensive portfolio of over 50 brands and produce 5,500+ products in over 60 countries.



A series of firsts.

In 1932, KAL® produced the first ever multivitamin and calcium supplement putting nutritional wellness top of mind for the first time in history. Then, 1978 rolled around and Emerita® launched the first progesterone cream made from wild yams. In 1997, our Solaray brand formulated the first cranberry extract supplement designed for urinary tract health. Solaray’s complete bone matrix formula, the first of its kind, followed in 2019.



Exceeding our own expectations.

The numbers matter to us. We pride ourselves on producing over 90% of our products in-house and sourcing over 4,000+ raw materials from around the globe. This attention to detail continues to pay off as we’re thrilled with our #1 ranking in Unit Market Share* in dietary supplements and personal care products within health food specialty channels. We’re not shy to claim that setting the standard is what we do best.