Our Curation

Wellness is a journey that inspires our comprehensive collection of brands.

Nutraceutical began as the answer to a fragmented market, evolving into a trusted source for retailers. Not only do we help stock health and wellness shelves, we’re true industry consultants. Our business is about relationships, providing retailers the education, service and support they need to offer the right mix of products to help people pursue their best health.


Fortifying an industry.

We heard it from both retailers and consumers—their frustration with the fractured nature of the health and wellness industry is real. Too many choices meant uncertainty around products and questionable, unreliable results. We stepped in and stepped up to strengthen the health and wellness industry through thoughtful consolidation and expert curation of products.



Your partner in retail.

From day one, our goal has been to be more than a supplier. With our reach, resources and expertise, we strive to be the only source retailers need to stock their shelves with the highest quality health and wellness brands. Yet, behind our catalog of products, you’ll find sales representatives dedicated to education, customer service and true partnership.



Proof is in our performance.

There are hard and fast metrics that prove the value of Nutraceutical. From volume discounts, purchasing ease, merchandising shelves and bringing new innovations to market, our goal is to create efficiencies for retailers so they can focus on their business. We like to think of it this way: if we don’t offer it, a retailer doesn’t need to sell it. Simple as that.