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Healthy Habit Health Foods Inc
6029 N 7th St
Phoenix, AZ 85014-1802

Store Hours:
M-S: 9 am - 6 pm

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The owners: Herb & Terry

Prices so low and customer service so great can become habit forming! Healthy Habit Health Foods is your source for the greatest variety of up to date health food supplements, natural beauty products, natural foods and educational health books. If thereÆs a product you want but donÆt see on our shelves, our team of product specialists will research it and do everything in their power to get the product on our shelves for you.

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General Manager: Chris
At Healthy Habit Health Foods we have two full sections of Solaray products as well as a variety of NatureÆs Life, ActiPet, NaturalMax, Kal and VegLife products. Since we have a large variety of products, we provide our customers with several options. Often times we direct customers to the Nutraceutical Family of Products due to the high quality of the line as well as the readability of the product labels. With other products such as specific herbs, the only option available is from the Nutraceutical Family of Products. This combination of the high quality products and uniqueness make Nutraceutical products an essential part of our store.

Since we have so many Nutraceutical products, we take advantage of the volume discount program, and pass these savings on to our customers. We discount all Nutraceutical supplements at least 25% below the suggested retail price, as well as pass along all our savings to the customer!

Our Nutraceutical representative Shawn Monte comes into our store about twice a month and usually stays for about two hours. He helps with whatever is necessary in our store from helping to form an order to stocking product on our shelves, even non-Nutraceutical products! His dedication to our store is proof that Nutraceutical cares about us.

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