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Nutraceutical's brands are some of the best-known, and most highly regarded brands sold in health food stores. From Acidophilus to Zinc, our herbs and vitamins are known for their quality and innovation. Our brands, like our company, are built around our philosophy of quality, loyalty to health food stores, education and customer service. Below is a brief overview of our brand portfolio:

Founded 1973 in Utah. Acquired 1993.
Pioneer in encapsulated blended herbal products - now a leading full brand in health food stores.
Founded 2008 in Utah.
From Crop to Capsule, 100% Food Grown Nutrients.
Founded 1932 in Califomia. Acquired 1995.
One of first nutritional supplement lines. Originally powders, later focus on tableted products. Now a leading full line brand.
Camas Prairie Tea Company is a family owned herbal tea Company located deep in the heart of the pristine Illinois Valley of Southern Oregon. Our Essiac Tea Blend uses Canadian Rene Caisse's original formula and has been produced in the same way since 1994.
Founded 1997 in Utah.
Chlorophyll laden "green foods" like chlorella, spirulina and blue green algae and cereal grasses.
Founded 1992 in Utah. Acquired 1993.
Vegetarian line, among first to introduce full line of cellulose based capsules.
Founded 1978 in Florida. Acquired 2011.
Improving the health and lives of women since 1978, with natural solutions for midlife balance, sexual vitality and feminine care.
Heritage Store
Founded in 1969 in Virginia. Acquired in 2010.
Quality products for health, beauty and wellness originally based on the formulas of Edgar Cayce, "The Father of Holistic Medicine."
Founded 2004 in Ohio. Acquired 2006
Mineral makeup and beauty products.
Founded 1995 in Arizona. Acquired 2006.
Natural health solutions in cream form and as dietary supplements.
Collective Wellbeing
Founded 1999 in Arizona. Acquired 2006.
Flower extracts.
Mia Rose
Organix South
Founded 1998 in Florida. Acquired 2010.
Personal care products and nutritional supplements derived from the neem plant and other ayurvedic herbs.
Naked Organix
Founded in 1981 in California. Acquired in 2013.
Therapeutic grade organic essential oils and extracts.
Skin by Ann Webb
Founded 2005 in Texas. Acquired 2011.
Facial and Body care products containing organic aloe, super antioxidants and active ingredients.
Founded 2008 in Utah.
All natural cleaning products.
Sun Feather?
Founded in 1979 in New York. Acquired in 2011.
Handmade quality body care items including soaps, salves, creams and other bath products.
Nature's Cures

Founded 1989 in Washington. Acquired 2007.
Homeopathic line focused on allergy symptoms.
Founded 1990 in Montana. Acquired 2007.
Herbal extracts created specifically for children.
Founded 1979 in Washington. Acquired 2007.
Homeopathic products in a range of forms - tablets, liquids, cough syrups, throat and nasal sprays and topical creams.
Founded 1993 in Utah. Acquired 2007.
Focus on unique homeopathic and dietary supplement combinations
Founded 1984 in Massachusetts. Acquired 2006.
Naturopathic prolessional line with leading full disclosure labeling and gluten free formulas.

Founded 1978 in California. Acquired 2007.
Liquid herbal formulas with botanical extracts such as Echinacea and Goldenseal.
Beehive Organics
Honey Gardens?, Inc.
Founded 1978 in Vermont. Acquired 2010.
Apitherapy raw honey, honey syrups, salves and other honey products.
Founded 1982 in Montana. Acquired 2004.
Supplements derived from bee products.
Founded 1984 in Nebraska. Acquired 1995.
One of the first product lines devoted entirely to natural, nutritional supplements derived from bee products.
Founded 1972 in California. Acquired 2010.
High potency vitamin, mineral and protein powders free from added flavorings or sweeteners.
Founded 1970 in Califomia. Acquired 2003.
Protein powders and flax seed oil products, now a full line brand.
Founded 1978 in Massachusetts. Acquired 2008.
Omega 3 essential fatty acids and phytonutrients.
LifeTime® Nutritional Specialties, Inc
Founded 1988 in California. Acquired 2010.
Innovotor of nutritional supplements. Product line includes capsules, tablets and powders as well as the signature liquid supplements.
Natural Sources
Founded 1932 in California. Acquired 2000.
Full line of simple, high quality products with "Everyday Value Pricing."
Founded 1989 in New York. Acquired 1998.
Men's and women's specialty supplements and diet and energy products.
Natural Balance®
Founded 1983 in Colorado. Acquired 2003.
Weight management, energy and specialty supplements.
Founded 1995 in Califomia.
Diet products (with diet plans) and energy and women's health products.
Founded 1998 in Utah.
All-natural sport supplements for fitness, improved health or weight management.
Founded 2006 in Ohio.
Full line of 100% pure clean nutrition.
Founded 2000 in Utah.
Premium line of nutritional pet products.
Founded 2003 in Utah.
Natural and organic foods in small packages, such as salt, gum, teas, chips, soy nuts and chocolate drink mixes.
Just about everyone can have their cake and eat it too! Since 2001, Dowd & Rogers has produced premium gluten-free baking products that appeal to everyone--gluten intolerant or not. If you think all gluten-free baked goods taste inferior to "traditional" baked goods, try Dowd & Rogers! You are in for a pleasant surprise.
Miztique? Teas were introduced in March 2003 by Nutraceutical and The Great Tea Wizard?, The Miztique? brand matches the highest quality tea leaves from around the globe with the most aromatic and exciting flavors to ensure your health satisfaction.
are a delicious family snack. We select only the highest quality organic, non-GMO soybean halves, roasted to a golden brown. Our SoyNuts are light and crunchy with an excellent nutty flavor.
Introduced in 2005 under the FunFresh Foods? brand, the Real Food Trading Company? line offers natural seasonings for your taste adventures.
Sweet Moose
Taste Waves
Founded 1975 in Utah. Acquired 1999.
One of the nation's largest publishers of books on diet, health, alternative medicine and nutritional supplements.

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